Erupting Krakatoa

  • We went here in August 2009, right when the volcano is active. Yes active! erupting Krakatoa/Krakatau! Woohoo 😀

    How to get there:

    By private car: drive to the west from Jakarta to Anyer Carita, takes about 3,5 hours. <— we did this when we go to Anyer to Jakarta.
    By bus: you can hop on the bus from Kali Deres Bus station (Terminal Bis Kali Deres in West Jakarta), oh this will take a while since the bus will stop anywhere and anytime they want. HAH! —> we did this to go back to Jakarta.
    By boat: from Lampung – South Sumatra(you can stop by at Sebesi Island), Phinisi Boat from Jakarta (Ancol).

    You can leave Jakarta the night before (which we did), or leave early morning on D-Day. When you get to Anyer you can stay at Kondominium Lippo Carita Resort (where we stayed for free thanks to Boghel). It’s about 5 minutes drive to the pier where you can rent the boat to Krakatau.

    To go to Krakatau, it will takes about 3,5 hours by slowboat. if you take the speedboat it will takes about 1,5 hour. We took the slow boat because it’s cheaper and can accommodate a lot people. a slow boat is good enough for 12-15 people + crews. while a speed boat can fit up to 5-7 people + crews. But then again they have different sizes.

    What did we do!

    Day one we left Jakarta late night and spent a night in Anyer, day two we left Anyer in the morning after breakfast. Spent it by trekking around Krakatau. then camped at Rakata Kecil/Panjang Island. it was amazing because around midnight there was an entertainment by krakatau. Beautiful fireworks by the erupting krakatau. Was amazing watching it from my hammock. the sound of the eruption made it more dramatic. Day three we spent by snorkeling around the nearby islands. We got back in Anyer right before it got dark.

    Krakatoa : Krakatau
    Boat : Kapal
    Island: Pulau
    Bus Station: Terminal Bis
    West: Barat
    Night: Malam

    All photos were taken by my lovely friend: Catharina Toft aka Onah. 😀
    I will upload my photos as soon i can find them in the pile of unorganized million photos i have. HAH!

    What i would suggest if you want to go there!

    You can do a one day trip to Krakatoa if you rent a speed boat. trekking and snorkeling. leave early in the morning around 08:00 and back to Anyer before dark.

    But if it’s erupting, i would definitely RECOMMEND you to do the same itinerary like we did! 2 days 1 night. AWESOME!

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