• When i was  young…er my mum took me traveling. She was the one who introduced me the world as a tourist. I loved it!
    But after finishing uni (end of 2007), i took my passion even further by being a traveler. 🙂

    So far i have only been to some parts of:

    1. Indonesia
    2. Singapore
    3. Thailand
    4. United States of America
    5. Japan (stop over) *crying
    6. Germany (stop over) *crying
    7. Vietnam
    8. Cambodia
    9. Laos
    10. Malaysia

    Below are the places i’d like to explore sometime in the future:
    *ALL PHOTOS ARE NOT MINE! (Most of them were taken from Instagram)

    1. Raja Ampat, Indonesia [Achieved in Sept 2012]. Read it here
    2. Pongua Falls, Vietnam
    3. Son dong, Vietnam
    4. Cenotes @ Yucatán Peninsula, Mexico
    5. The Soča river in Slovenia
    6. Rock Pools, Canada

    So what is your #WISHLIST? Let’s share.


    More travel stories are available on blog.lagunatrip.com

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