I dont know what i’m doing where i’ll ended up but i know what i want. I always think if people can do it, why can’t i?!

At the age of 24 i decided to quit my job and start traveling (make some money while doing it). *Yes, some friends & family did freak out when i told ’em. Early 2010 i am officially not an employee in the IT department of one of the most famous international bank (C***bank) in Jakarta anymore.

Short story, i came up with [officially] LagunaTrip.com right after i quit my job. Basically LagunaTrip is a trip organizer. YES!  i get paid while doin something i like (which is traveling)!  HAH! It all began in 2009 when my friends and i started to organize trips for friends. By the end of 2009, we managed to organize trips for our friends’ friend and it just continued from that on.

Mid 2010 i made JakartaBuzz.com, basically here we (again, my friends and i) want to share that there are lots of cool events in Jakarta that you can get in for FREE. Really! How can you say no to free concerts (national & international bands). Not just concerts, you can also find movie screenings, workshops, seminars, and lots of other kind of events.

So yeah LagunaTrip.com and JakartaBuzz.com are two of the “cool”  things i do in life! HAH!

So what do i want? I want to see the world, do what i like and experience new things!

Life is too short to do things you don’t like. – anonymous – #quote

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July 12th, 2012
Jakarta – Indonesia 

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  1. Hi Mariza,

    My name is Norma Cordova. I just came across your twitter acct which lead me to your blog:) I’m a travel lifestyle portrait photographer & I would love to share my photography on your blog. How can I do this? I’ve had some really great traveling experiences:) I recently visited Iceland & loved it! Please look at my blog as well as I share my love for photography, travel, & portraiture: blog.normacordova.com Thank you & happy travels! Norma “Travel first, life is short”

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